Vietnam Shines in FIFA 2023 Rankings, Dominating Southeast Asia

Steady at the Top: Vietnam’s Unchanged Ranking
FIFA’s latest world rankings for men’s national football teams show Vietnam holding strong at 94th globally. With 1235.58 points, they lead in Southeast Asia and rank within Asia’s top 15. In December, Vietnam played no official matches, keeping their points steady. This stability underlines their football excellence and strategic play.

Vietnam national team maintain position in top 15 Asian team by the end of 2023. (Photo: AFC)

Regional Dominance: Vietnam’s Lead in Southeast Asia
In the Southeast Asian football scene, Vietnam sets the bar high. Thailand follows at 113th, showing Vietnam’s significant lead. Malaysia, ranking third in the region, remains at 130th after a notable climb in November. These rankings reflect a dynamic and competitive environment in Southeast Asian football.

Making a Mark in Asia
Vietnam’s success is not just regional. Ranking in Asia’s top 15 highlights their growing football prowess. They stand tall among Asian football giants like Japan, South Korea, and Australia. This achievement speaks volumes about their skills, strategy, and commitment to the sport.

Looking Ahead: Vietnam’s Promising Future
As 2023 ends, Vietnam’s football team looks back at a year of solid performance and steady ranking. They have set a standard for excellence in Southeast Asian football. With their current form, the future looks promising for further achievements on the global stage.

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