Hanoi Police FC Shakes Up Leadership Amidst Performance Challenges

In a significant shift following recent disappointing performances, Hanoi Police FC has made major changes in its coaching and technical leadership. The club has temporarily suspended its coaching staff, including head coach Gong Oh Kyun, in a decisive move to address the team’s current challenges in the V-League.

The suspension of Coach Gong Oh Kyun, a central figure in the team’s strategy, marks a pivotal moment for Hanoi Police FC. This decision underscores the team’s commitment to revitalizing its performance and regaining its competitive edge in Vietnam’s top football league.

In a parallel development, Tran Tien Dai, previously the Technical Director of LPBank HAGL, has returned to take charge at Hang Day Stadium. This move signifies a strategic reshuffle aimed at bolstering the team’s technical direction and overall gameplay.

Furthermore, Vu Tien Thanh, recently appointed as the Director of the HAGL Football Academy, has now been entrusted with the additional role of Technical Director of HAGL. This expanded responsibility for Vu Tien Thanh indicates a consolidation of leadership roles within the team, potentially bringing new perspectives and strategies to the forefront.

Vu Tien Thanh, collaborating closely with Kiatisuk, will lead HAGL in their upcoming matches. This partnership is crucial as the team navigates through a period of underperformance. The football community is keenly observing whether this leadership change, including potential future involvement from former Ho Chi Minh City FC coach, will herald a turnaround in the team’s fortunes.

This reshuffling of roles within Hanoi Police FC and HAGL reflects the dynamic nature of football management, where swift and strategic changes are often necessary to address performance slumps. The coming matches will be a litmus test for the new leadership arrangements, and fans eagerly await to see if these changes can steer the teams back to their winning ways.

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