AFC Rates Vietnam National Team Higher than Indonesia National Team

Before the “Southeast Asian derby” at the Asian Cup 2023, the AFC’s official website points out that the Vietnam national team has a superior recent head-to-head record against the Indonesia national team.

The AFC’s official website selected the “Southeast Asian derby” between the Vietnam and Indonesia national teams as one of the top five highlights of the second round of group stage matches at the Asian Cup 2023. The AFC’s expert team assessed that both teams had commendable performances on their opening day and are full of determination for the upcoming crucial match.

“The Vietnam national team, coached by Philippe Troussier, impressed despite a 2-4 loss to Japan. Meanwhile, coach Shin Tae Yong and the Indonesia national team also showed positive signs despite a 1-3 defeat to Iraq. In addition to the traditional competitive element, the upcoming match between the two sides will determine their chances of advancing in the Asian Cup, making the Southeast Asian derby even more exciting,” commented the AFC’s official website.

Significantly, the article on the AFC website highlights the fact that the Vietnam national team has the upper hand in recent head-to-head results against the Indonesia national team. Additionally, the AFC mentioned that Vietnam has won the AFF Cup twice, while Indonesia has finished as runners-up six times.

“The Vietnam national team defeated the Indonesia national team in the semifinals of the AFF Cup 2022, thus extending their impressive head-to-head record against their Southeast Asian rivals. Among these, Vietnam won both matches against Indonesia in the World Cup 2022 qualifiers, which were also qualifiers for the Asian Cup 2023,” wrote the AFC’s official website.

According to the schedule, the Vietnam national team will face the Indonesia national team at 18:30 on January 19th. In the final round of Group D at 18:30 on January 24th, the Vietnam national team will play the Iraq national team, and the Indonesia national team will face Japan.

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