Coach Troussier Confident of Gaining Three Points Against Indonesia

Ahead of the match against the Indonesian team, Coach Troussier affirmed that the Vietnamese team will play well to assert their position and aim for three points.

In the press conference before the Vietnam vs. Indonesia match at the Asian Cup 2023 Group D, Coach Troussier stated: “Regarding the nature of the match with Indonesia, we consider this as one of the matches in the overall context of the group stage. We will try to earn 6 points, and if we can’t get the maximum 6 points, we will work to achieve the best possible points and goal difference to advance.

This indicates that Vietnam still holds its destiny, and I believe the Indonesian team’s coach will say the same. This match is 50-50, and the final result may come down to the minor details displayed on the field.”

“In the previous match, Vietnam’s loss to Japan was not surprising due to the disparity in FIFA rankings and skill levels, but the performance of the Vietnamese players was very good. We knew it would be dangerous to let Japan control the ball. Therefore, through ball control play, I want the players to increase their confidence and persistence. The Indonesian team is strong and plays confidently, but my players are ready,” added the French coach.

Regarding specific goals for the match against Indonesia, Coach Troussier said: “Every coach aims for victory, even when facing stronger teams. For Vietnam, our minimum goal is to advance beyond the group stage, as we have done in the last two occasions.

Of course, we hold the initiative, but we started working since last year, and the preparation time was short. I have to train and adjust to suit the style of play. In the process of training, we also have to focus on results. Above all, we work towards long-term goals, such as catching up with the top 10 teams, and to do this, we must be more proactive with the ball on the field.”

Evaluating the strength of the Indonesian team, Coach Troussier remarked: “I am impressed with player number 7 from Indonesia, but the strength of this team lies in their spirit. They lost to Iraq in the previous match, but they have a wonderful fighting spirit. Indonesia knows how to balance between attack and defense, and besides player number 7, they also have player number 11 and two central midfielders with strong fighting abilities.

This match will be difficult for both teams. In the previous match, Vietnam played to affirm itself, while in this match, both we and Indonesia play to assert our positions. This is no different from a final in the AFF Cup or SEA Games because the winning team will have a significant advantage to advance.”

When asked about the heavy favorites to win the tournament, the French coach assessed: “It’s extremely difficult to assess the top contender for the Asian Cup after just one match, especially among the strong teams. I have experience leading Japan to win this tournament previously.

Looking at the performance in friendly matches and World Cup qualifiers, the four main contenders are Japan, South Korea, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. However, if we talk about the number one contender, it’s Japan.

Coach Moriyasu has led Japan for a long time, competing in the Olympics, World Cup, and now the Asian Cup. He hasn’t won any titles yet, but with what he has done, Coach Moriyasu deserves a title to affirm his level.”

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