Post Match Press Conference Vietnam 0-1 Indonesia (Asian Cup 2023)

In the post-match press conference following Vietnam’s 0-1 defeat to Indonesia, Coach Philippe Troussier expressed his disappointment but affirmed the team’s continued fight for three points in the final match against Iraq.

Coach Troussier stated, “I am disappointed with the loss. Today’s result means Vietnam can’t advance. However, we must still fight for the three points in our last game. We cannot afford to give up.”

The French coach also commended the Vietnamese team’s spirit in the second half, noting that the players rallied after conceding a goal and some surpassed their personal bests.

Reflecting on the game’s dynamics, Coach Troussier said, “It was a good, high-quality match. The outcome hinged on a penalty situation, a minor error in the box. This small detail impacted the team. Despite our loss, I am proud. The players showed immense fighting spirit, giving their all until the last second.”

“In football, there are winners and losers, but there’s nothing to regret or hang your head about when you’ve given your all. I am ready to accept defeat; I have no regrets, we tried our best against a strong opponent,” Coach Troussier affirmed.

In the opposite side, Coach Shin Tae Yong commented, “This was an exciting match. We were a bit lucky. We also want to express our gratitude to the fans.”

In this game, the Indonesian team dominated the first half and scored from a penalty by Asnawi. However, Indonesia lost control of the match in the second half, and Vietnam had moments where they nearly equalized.

Coach Shin Tae Yong explained, “We are a young team. The presence of many young players means a lack of experience, which is why our performance differed between the two halves. Additionally, Vietnam changed their tactics in the second half.”

“Our players lack experience but they strive to maintain the lead and win. There are things I can’t control from the sidelines,” added Coach Shin Tae Yong.

He also revealed that he made a last-minute change to Indonesia’s penalty taker. Initially, Rafael Struick had the ball after Thanh Bình committed a foul in the box. However, Asnawi Bahar ended up taking the penalty because Coach Shin Tae Yong felt this player was more confident.

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