VPF Completes Second VAR Referee Training Course

VPF successfully concluded its second Video Assistant Referee (VAR) training course for referees and assistant referees on January 19, marking a significant step in the advancement of football officiating standards in Vietnam.

The intensive five-day course, part of the third phase of training aligned with FIFA standards, involved practical exercises in real match situations. Prior to this, participants had undergone two initial stages focusing on theoretical aspects and simulations in a LAB environment.

This third phase challenged the trainees with three progressively difficult steps: a 10-minute session handling real-time match scenarios, a 25-30 minute session with two teams enacting simulated situations, and finally, overseeing a non-official full-scale match.

Originally planned for seven days, the course was efficiently condensed to five without compromising quality, thanks to favorable conditions and the agreement of FIFA instructor Anaz Hakan from Australia. All 13 referees and assistant referees completed the rigorous training program, a testament to their dedication and skill.

However, before they can officially operate in VAR-assisted matches, the participants must pass an evaluation based on videos of their practical sessions. Upon successful completion, they will receive certification and be eligible to officiate in VAR matches.

Instructor Anaz Hakan, in his closing remarks, congratulated the participants and emphasized the importance of continuous learning about VAR operations. He encouraged open discussions and highlighted the support available from Đặng Thanh Hạ, Head of the Referees Committee, in mastering VAR technology.

With this batch, Vietnam will have 31 certified VAR referees and assistants, laying a solid foundation for the implementation of VAR in the national league matches. The successful completion of this course is a crucial step towards enhancing the quality and fairness of football in Vietnam.

The participants of the VAR Referee Training Course 2 included:

  1. Referee Tran Ngoc Anh (Hanoi)
  2. Referee Do Khanh Nam (Da Nang)
  3. Referee Do Anh Duc (Hanoi)
  4. Referee Tran The Anh (Hanoi)
  5. Referee Nguyen Duc Thien (Da Nang)
  6. Referee Nguyen Van Phuc (Dong Thap)
  7. Referee Nguyen Ngoc Tung (Hanoi)
  8. Referee Do Thanh De (Ben Tre)
  9. Referee Le Duc Thuan (Gia Lai)
  10. Referee Nguyen Kim Viet Bao (Binh Thuan)
  11. Assistant Referee Nguyen Trung Viet (Da Nang)
  12. Assistant Referee Phan Huy Hoang (Hanoi)
  13. Assistant Referee Nguyen Lam Minh Dang (Tra Vinh)

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