Vietnam U20 Women’s Team Intensively Trains Ahead of Tet Holiday

Tomorrow (February 8, the 29th day of Tet), the Vietnam U20 women’s team will be allowed to return home to celebrate Tet with their families, but Coach Akira also reminds his students to pay attention to maintaining their health.

The Vietnam U20 women’s team, under the guidance of Coach Akira from Japan, has been in training since January at the Vietnam Young Football Training Center (Hanoi). After three weeks of training, Coach Akira mentioned that some players have previously worked with him, and there are also new faces joining the U20 team for the first time. “The new players are fully supported by the veterans. Everyone is working very well. I am satisfied with the progress of the members of the Vietnam U20 women’s team,” Coach Akira said.

At the U20 Women’s Asian Finals 2024 (also the final round of the U20 Women’s World Cup qualifiers) taking place in Uzbekistan in early March, the Vietnam U20 women’s team is in Group B along with Japan, DPR Korea, and China. This group is considered extremely challenging for Coach Akira’s team as the U20 Japan and U20 DPR Korea are the current champions and runners-up, while China is also a strong, experienced opponent. Therefore, according to Coach Akira, the goal of the Vietnam U20 women’s team is to gain experience and improve.

With the U20 Women’s Asian Finals approaching, Coach Akira has allowed the U20 team to take a four-day Tet holiday, starting after tomorrow morning’s training session (February 8). “Tet is an important holiday in Vietnam, so I’ve allowed the players a few days off to celebrate Tet with their families. However, the upcoming tournament is equally important, so I’ve assigned exercises for the players during Tet to maintain their form and fitness. This generation of players is mature and conscious in their training, so we only monitor their weight; they know what to do to maintain their health and physical condition,” Coach Akira shared.

After the Tet holiday, the Vietnam U20 women’s team will focus on strengthening their fitness and spend more time on technical training and friendly matches to perfect their gameplay for the U20 Women’s Asian Finals.

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