Quang Hai opens up for the first time about his difficult time in France.

In a recent interview, midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai opened up about his challenging times playing football in France.

The Weight of Expectations on Nguyen Quang Hai

A rare opportunity came for Nguyen Quang Hai to train and compete in Europe, where “Little Hai” signed with Pau FC, a French club. Impressively, the Vietnam national team’s star had a promising pre-season. However, as the Ligue 2 commenced, he often found himself on the bench, rarely entering the game.

His initial promise quickly turned into disappointment due to several factors. Experiencing cold treatment from the coach and certain teammates led to the decline of Changzhou’s hero, prompting his return home. Additionally, ridicule from a toxic segment of Vietnamese fans worsened matters.

Voicing Out as the Hero of Changzhou

For the first time, Hai has publicly shared his unforgettable experiences. Speaking to the media, the Hanoi Public Security team’s star reflected: “I tend to face difficulties on my own, owing to my personality. Sharing my troubles could indeed bring support and motivation from my family, but I prefer not to burden them.

They should only experience the joy I can bring. Regardless of the situation, my aim is to always be true to myself, to be Nguyen Quang Hai. Moving forward, I strive to give my best and spread happiness to those around me.”

Following his return to Vietnam, Nguyen Quang Hai joined the Hanoi Public Security team and promptly won the V-League championship. Despite this, his performance was not as convincing as expected. In the current season, the midfielder born in 1997 is determined to recover his form and reclaim his past glory.

Nguyen Quang Hai’s story illustrates the vast challenges and pressures athletes face when moving abroad for their careers, especially in competitive environments like European football. Highlighting the emotional and psychological tolls, such experiences underscore the importance of resilience and perseverance. Hai’s ability to rebound from setbacks, culminating in a championship with the Hanoi Public Security team, serves as an inspiration for young athletes in Vietnam and around the world.

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