Xuan Truong Reflects on His Time with Incheon United, Expresses Gratitude

In an emotional gesture, former Incheon United midfielder Luong Xuan Truong has opened up about his time at the club during the 2016 season, through a heartfelt podcast episode released on YouTube.

The Vietnamese player, who made a significant impact in the K League despite playing just for a season, also penned a touching letter to the club, reiterating his affection and gratitude towards the team and its supporters.

Truong’s journey with Incheon United was brief but memorable. He describes the club as “more than just a soccer team,” highlighting the professional environment and the unity among the team members, from the office staff to the players themselves, which fostered a family-like atmosphere. Truong credits his stint with the club as a period of substantial personal and professional growth, despite the limited time he spent on the field.


One of the poignant moments Truong recalls is his first K League match, describing it as an unforgettable experience that exceeded the team’s expectations. He shared an anecdote about Matej Jonjic, a Croatian defender, who offered words of encouragement after a match, which deeply moved him.

As the season neared its end, Truong played crucial roles in matches that were vital for Incheon United’s survival in the first division. The collective relief and joy of securing their league status are among his cherished memories, illustrating the deep bond between the players and the fans.

Moreover, Truong expressed his gratitude towards Incheon United for assisting him with health issues that had plagued him since his teenage years, allowing him to continue his football career with renewed passion and success.

In his message, Truong affirmed his enduring support for Incheon United from Vietnam and voiced his hopes for the team’s growth and achievements in the upcoming seasons. His closing words, “I love Incheon United. Thank you to all the fans,” encapsulate the profound connection and gratitude he feels towards the club and its supporters, leaving a lasting impression of his legacy at Incheon United.

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