Tran Thi Nhi Yen Shines in Olympic Rankings: A Beacon for Paris 2024

In an inspiring showcase of talent and determination, Vietnamese athlete Tran Thi Nhi Yen emerges as the sole track and field contender in the Olympic rankings, securing a spot in the top 100 for the women’s 100m event. With her sights set on Paris 2024, Yen’s remarkable journey is a testament to the unyielding spirit of Vietnamese athletics on the global stage.

Tran Thi Nhi Yen, the pride of Long An, Vietnam, has etched her name in the international athletics scene by becoming the only track and field athlete to represent Vietnam in the Road to Paris rankings. Her achievement of securing a place among the top 100 athletes for the Olympic women’s 100m event marks a significant milestone for Vietnamese sports. Yen’s accumulation of 1117 points, ranking her 97th in the Olympics, results from her exceptional performance in the Asian Games 19 and the Asian Championships’ qualifying rounds, including preliminaries, semi-finals, and finals.

For the women’s 100m event at the Olympics, which allocates 56 competitor slots, 18 athletes have already met the qualifying standards. The Road to Paris rankings will determine the allocation of the remaining 38 slots, placing Yen in a hopeful position for inclusion in the games.

To support her intensive training needs, the authorities have recently included Yen in a select group of athletes eligible for a specialized nutritional program. This initiative, doubling the previous financial support, provides 640,000 VND per athlete per day, highlighting the nation’s commitment to fostering athletic talent.

With an eye on the Olympics, Vietnamese athletics may receive a wildcard entry in events like the 100m, 800m, or marathon if direct qualifications remain out of reach. Yen’s path reflects the national ambition to shine on the Olympic stage, showcasing the drive and determination of Vietnamese athletes to gain worldwide recognition.

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