Coach Park Hang Seo agrees to temporarily lead the South Korean team.

According to the Korean media, Coach Park Hang-seo will agree to become the head coach of the South Korean national team following the dismissal of Coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

On February 26th, sources from Chosun reported that the representative company of Coach Park Hang-seo revealed their client agreed to become the interim coach for the South Korean national team, replacing the recently fired Jurgen Klinsmann.

The Korean newspaper asserts that Coach Park Hang-seo’s immediate task will be to prepare the South Korean national team for two matches against Thailand in the second round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in March.

This information is further substantiated by Osen, confirming through Coach Park Hang-seo’s representative that the former Vietnam national team coach is ready to agree to lead the South Korean team in the two matches against Thailand in March.


Speaking to Osen, representative Lee Dong Jun stated that Coach Park Hang-seo has no intention of being a long-term head coach for the South Korean national team, but he is ready to serve his country temporarily (for about 2-3 months).

Previously, the Korean Football Association (KFA) had elected an 11-member enhancement committee with the former Ho Chi Minh City FC coach Chung Hae Seong as chairman and assistant Lee Young Jin as a member.

This enhancement committee is responsible for screening applications and deciding on the new coach for the South Korean national team. At their latest meeting, the committee shifted towards selecting an interim coach for the team.

Coach Park Hang-seo is one of the potential candidates for this position, alongside other domestic coaches. It is likely that an offer has been made to the representative company of the former Vietnam national team coach.

Recently, Coach Park Hang-seo officially became a senior advisor for Bac Ninh FC – a newly established team that will play in the National Second Division.

Notably, in their announcement, the representative company DJM acknowledged that Coach Park Hang-seo is still open to offers to lead national teams or professional clubs.

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