Midfielder Hung Dung reveals the weaknesses of the Indonesia team

Midfielder Hung Dung has pointed out the weakness of the Indonesian national team before facing the Vietnamese national team in the second round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

Sharing with the media about the preparation of the Vietnamese national team for the two important matches against the Indonesian national team, Hung Dung said, “After a few training sessions, the Vietnamese national team is well-prepared. The players are maintaining their competitive rhythm as they have just returned from the V-League and National Cup. The players who are called up for the national team for the first time or those who are returning after a long time needed one to two sessions to get support from their teammates.”

Under the leadership of Coach Shi Tae Yong, the Indonesian national team has shown significant improvement in performance. At the Asian Cup 2023, the team beat the Vietnamese national team for the first time in history to advance to the knockout round.

The current Indonesian team also includes many naturalized players, significantly enhancing their strength. However, Hung Dung remains confident in the strength of the Vietnamese national team and points out the opponent’s weakness.

The midfielder from Hanoi FC stated, “The Indonesian national team is trying to adopt a playstyle focused on strength and physicality with many European naturalized players. However, they have had little time to train and play together, so they will lack mental strength.”

Hung Dung affirmed that the Vietnamese national team aims for the best results to achieve the goal, saying, “The team’s goal is to earn points for the best outcome in advancing to the final round of World Cup qualifiers.”

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