Coach Troussier is confident ahead of the big match against Indonesia.

In a revealing press conference ahead of a crucial World Cup qualifier, Philippe Troussier, the head coach of the Vietnam national football team, admitted to feeling the pressure but remained undeterred, focusing on the team’s goal to advance past Indonesia and into the third round of World Cup 2026 qualifiers.

The decisive match is scheduled to take place at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium at 8:30 PM on March 21, where Vietnam aims to secure at least one point to maintain its runner-up position in the group.

Vietnam faces a pivotal moment as it prepares to clash with Indonesia, with Troussier highlighting the importance of the match in the team’s journey toward the next World Cup phase. With four matches left for each team, including two critical games this month, both Vietnam and Indonesia are aware of the challenge ahead in achieving their objectives. Vietnam currently leads Indonesia by two points but faces the challenge of having fewer home games.

Troussier expressed confidence in his team’s preparation and strategy to counter Indonesia’s strengths, emphasizing the year-long work with the players that has built up their experience and readiness. Despite not meeting their targets at the Asian Cup 2023, the Vietnamese team has gleaned valuable lessons, particularly from their recent encounters with Indonesia, showing promising signs in the second half of their last match.

Vietnamese star Nguyen Quang Hai and his teammates, who have remained unbeaten in their last two away games against Indonesia (one win and one draw), are predicted to face a tough challenge. However, according to Troussier, the players have learned from past defeats and improved their gameplay.

Coach Troussier confidently stated that the team, including the coaching staff and the 28 players, is prepared to face the challenges posed by Indonesian fans and the match itself. While acknowledging the unpredictability of football outcomes, he assured fans of the team’s fighting spirit and readiness to face any challenge with the support of Vietnamese fans.

In a rallying call to his team, Troussier emphasized the support and belief in his leadership, portraying himself as a captain ready to navigate through the storm with his warriors. With the backing of the nation, the Vietnam national team is poised to battle against Indonesia, aiming to overcome obstacles and advance in their World Cup qualifying campaign.

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