Players of national team and U23 team bid farewell to Coach Troussier

The farewell messages from Vietnam National Team and U23 players to Coach Philippe Troussier reveal a profound respect and gratitude for the time spent under his guidance. Figures like Do Hung Dung and Que Ngoc Hai, key players of the national team, were among the first to express their thanks and well-wishes towards Troussier, acknowledging the shared moments and contributions he made to Vietnamese football. Similarly, U23 players, including Luong Duy Cuong, Ho Van Cuong, and Bui Vi Hao, also shared their sentiments, extending gratitude for the French coach’s efforts and influence during his tenure.

Vietnam national & U23 team players bid farewell to Coach Troussier on their social media pages.

The reactions from fans and followers, visible through engagements on social media, were mixed, showcasing a spectrum of emotions from disappointment to understanding and empathy towards Troussier’s situation. The departure of Coach Troussier marks a significant chapter in Vietnamese football, reflecting on both the achievements and challenges faced. As the community reflects on this transition, the focus remains on supporting the national and U23 teams in their ongoing journey, embracing future opportunities for growth and success in the sport.

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