Coach Park Hang Seo aims to elevate Bac Ninh FC to an international level

Park Hang-seo, the former head coach of the Vietnam national team, has embarked on a new journey as a senior advisor for Bac Ninh FC, a recently established club aiming to make its mark in Vietnamese football. Despite his initial reluctance due to unfamiliarity with the advisory role, Park was persuaded by the vision and development plans for football in Bac Ninh province.

Park’s insights, drawn from witnessing the team’s performance and spirit at the Four Nations Cup 2024, suggest that Bac Ninh FC, while not yet perfect, has the potential to grow significantly. His advisory role will focus more on strategic and developmental directions rather than on-field technical aspects, leveraging his experience to guide Bac Ninh FC towards sustainable growth.

Nguyen Anh Tuan, Secretary of the Bac Ninh Provincial Party Committee, presents flowers to congratulate Mr. Park Hang Seo on officially becoming a senior advisor for Bac Ninh FC.

For Bac Ninh FC to become a renowned club, Park emphasizes the importance of collaboration between the club, the province of Bac Ninh, and the local community. This partnership is crucial for the club’s success, potentially elevating it to fame not only in Vietnam but also on the international stage.

The establishment of Bac Ninh FC and the ambitious investment plans reflect a significant commitment to advancing football in the region, marking an exciting chapter in Vietnamese football with Park Hang-seo’s involvement promising to inspire progress and achievements for the club.

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