Vietnam Futsal team shocks the world’s 8th ranked opponent

The Vietnam futsal team led three times and ended with a 3-3 draw against Morocco – the team ranked 8th in the world.

Morocco is 8th in the world Futsal rankings. In their opening match, the African team defeated Iran – the strongest team in Asia – with a score of 5-4. Against such a strong opponent, the Vietnam Futsal Team played with determination and created an impressive performance.

The students of coach Diego Giustozzi led the opponent three times. Minh Quang, Pham Duc Hoa, and Chu Van Tien scored for the home team.

Both teams created an exciting match. The audience witnessed high-paced exchanges of play. Goalkeeper Ho Van Y made several saves for the Vietnam team. Conversely, the home players also missed several opportunities.

It was not until the end of the match that Morocco managed to equalize from a set piece. Chau Doan Phat’s lack of composure foul created the opportunity for the opponent. Morocco then used a power-play formation (leaving out the goalkeeper, all five players attacked) and had a numerical advantage when arranging the free kick.

The Vietnam team also played power-play in the last few minutes. The students of coach Giustozzi showed clear progress in ball handling and coordinated attacks, even in the final moments of the match. However, Minh Quang’s shots were still blocked by the opponent’s defenders. Ultimately, the Vietnam Futsal Team drew 3-3 with Morocco.

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