Vietnamese female referee is invited to officiate a tournament in France

In an inspiring development for Vietnamese football, FIFA has extended an invitation to female referee Le Thi Ly to officiate at the Maurice Revello Tournament, held as part of the 50th International Festival Espoirs in France.

This prestigious event, named after Maurice Revello, is renowned for being one of France’s oldest and most respected tournaments, often described as the most prestigious among all friendly competitions involving youth teams.

The Maurice Revello Tournament serves as a critical platform for showcasing emerging talent, and the inclusion of Le Thi Ly in this year’s edition underscores the global recognition of Vietnamese refereeing standards. To ensure the highest level of professionalism and expertise at the tournament, nine female referees and eighteen assistant referees have been selected to manage the 26 matches. This decision highlights a remarkable aspect of the tournament, which, starting from the 2022 season, has committed to exclusively utilizing female referees and assistant referees for all matches.

Le Thi Ly’s appointment to officiate at this year’s Maurice Revello Tournament is not just a personal honor but also a significant acknowledgment of the Vietnamese women’s refereeing corps on the international stage. This move reflects a broader trend in football, where efforts are being made to elevate the status of women within the sport, both on and off the pitch.

The decision to have an all-female officiating team at the Maurice Revello Tournament also aligns with global football’s ongoing efforts to promote gender equality and encourage more women to take up refereeing roles. Le Thi Ly’s participation in such a high-profile tournament is a testament to her professional competence and dedication, serving as an inspiration to aspiring referees worldwide, particularly those from Vietnam, showcasing the potential for Vietnamese officials in the global football arena.

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