AFC highlights special facts about U23 Vietnam ahead of the 2024 AFC U23 Championship

AFC highlights U23 Vietnam in an article introducing the history of the tournament ahead of the U23 Asia Cup 2024.

On the eve of the U23 Asian Cup 2024, the AFC official website posted an article about the special highlights in the history of the tournament. U23 Vietnam was mentioned in the section for the biggest surprise, reaching the final and becoming the runner-up of the U23 Asia Cup 2018.

The AFC article points out that the prominence of the tournament is the leading position of 5 teams: Iraq, Japan, Uzbekistan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia. This group of five teams has participated in all the U23 Asia Cup finals and are also the teams that have won the tournament.

Besides the group of 5 traditional teams, U23 Vietnam is the only team that has made it to the final of the U23 Asia Cup. In 2018, under coach Park Hang Seo, the team created the miracle in Changzhou and only lost to U23 Uzbekistan 1-2 in the last seconds of the extra time.

The AFC official website also recalled the journey of U23 Vietnam at the U23 Asia Cup 2018 and the brilliant performance of individual Quang Hai, especially the “snow rainbow” free-kick super goal in the final against U23 Uzbekistan.

In the U23 Asia Cup 2024, U23 Vietnam will play their opening match against U23 Kuwait on April 17th. In the next two matches, the team coached by Hoang Anh Tuan will face U23 Malaysia on April 20th and U23 Uzbekistan on April 23rd.

Evaluating the group of U23 Vietnam, the AFC official website considered U23 Uzbekistan as the strongest candidate for the next round, while coach Hoang Anh Tuan’s students will have a fierce competition with U23 Malaysia and U23 Kuwait.

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