VFF appoints a former foreign player of Hanoi FC as an assistant coach for the Vietnam U17 team

The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has made a strategic move ahead of the AFF U-16 Championship 2024 by appointing Cristiano Roland as the assistant coach for the U17 Vietnamese national team. Roland, who has already made a significant impact with his work at Hanoi FC’s U17 squad, joins the national technical staff with the goal of preparing the young talents for the prestigious tournament set to take place in Indonesia.

Roland’s appointment comes as a clear signal of the VFF’s intention to bring a fresh and dynamic approach to the team’s preparations. Having only worked with Hanoi FC for a mere seven months, his influence has been notable, sparking interest within the VFF and earning him a position of considerable responsibility at the national level.

Roland expressed his elation and pride in a heartfelt statement, citing his passion for Vietnamese football and the warm reception he has received from the country. His commitment is evident as he gears up to juggle duties between Hanoi FC and the national team from May to July 2024, ensuring that the U17 team is in peak condition to compete in the championship.

His involvement with Vietnam’s U17 team is anticipated to provide a significant boost in their preparations for the Asia Cup in Indonesia. With his promise to give his best, the federation and fans alike have high expectations for the team’s performance under his guidance.

The VFF’s strategy emphasizes not only short-term goals but also the broader vision of nurturing young talent for the future of Vietnamese football. The inclusion of a passionate and dedicated professional like Roland in the coaching staff serves as a testament to the federation’s commitment to excellence and competitive spirit in the international arena.

The team, the federation, and Roland himself are united in their goal: to make a mark in the upcoming AFF U-16 Championship. With the preparations in full swing, the football community is eagerly watching to see how this collaboration will unfold and what it will mean for the future of Vietnam’s presence in the sport.

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