What criteria will VFF use to select the new head coach for the national team?

Following the termination of the contract with Coach Philippe Troussier, the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has swiftly initiated the search for a new head coach for the national team. This selection process promises to incorporate several novel approaches compared to the recruitment of previous coaches, signaling a fresh direction for Vietnamese football.

In a significant shift from past practices, VFF has appointed Hoang Anh Tuan as the domestic coach for the U23 Vietnam team, indicating a preference for foreign expertise for the senior national team’s head coach position. Unlike previous occasions where negotiations were held with a single candidate, VFF plans to compile a list of potential candidates and engage in preliminary discussions with each. This open and comprehensive approach aims to ensure a broader selection pool and find a candidate whose vision aligns with the federation’s objectives.

VFF intends to communicate its criteria clearly to each candidate, covering the general state of Vietnamese football, its strengths and weaknesses, and its position within the regional and Asian football landscape. Candidates will also receive an overview of Vietnamese society and culture to facilitate a smooth transition. Prior experience in Asia, particularly in Japan or South Korea, or Southeast Asia, may be considered an advantage.

VFF will be more cautious in their selection after the “achievements” of the predecessor Philippe Troussier.

Candidates must possess not only a high level of technical expertise, evidenced by FIFA or AFC Pro qualifications, but also a fit with the modern football development trends and a track record of success in recent years. VFF values candidates with a friendly demeanor, high levels of professionalism, and positive media interactions. The selection process is not limited to candidates from Asia, indicating VFF’s openness to a wide array of nationalities, without imposing age restrictions.

Another crucial consideration is the salary expectations of the head coach. VFF seeks a candidate who meets the aforementioned criteria and proposes a salary that aligns with the federation’s financial capabilities. This balanced approach ensures that the chosen candidate is not only technically proficient and strategically aligned with the future of Vietnamese football but also financially viable for VFF.

This revamped selection process by VFF demonstrates a strategic and inclusive approach to finding the right leadership for the national team. By broadening the search and prioritizing a match in vision, experience, and financial expectations, VFF aims to elevate Vietnamese football to new heights on the international stage.

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