U23 Vietnam trains under harsh sunlight

On the morning of April 12th, under the blazing sun in Qatar, the U23 Vietnam national team hit the training ground with renewed vigor, continuing their preparations for the 2024 AFC U23 Championship. Despite the intense heat, the players energetically engaged in a rigorous training session led by strength and conditioning coach, Brandi Regato Neto, focusing on enhancing their physical power.

Having adjusted to the time difference, Head Coach Hoang Anh Tuan seized the opportunity to intensify the training regime. The team now undergoes two training sessions a day. The morning session is dedicated to physical conditioning and strength training, which is crucial for building stamina and resilience. The evening session shifts focus towards honing technical skills, which are essential for tactical execution during matches.

The weather conditions in Qatar, characterized by harsh sunlight yet tempered by breezy winds, provide a challenging yet comfortable environment for the athletes. The players showed great enthusiasm to return to the field after a full day of rest and recovery at their hotel. Their high spirits and robust physical condition allowed them to meet all the demands set by the coaching staff without significant difficulty.

Looking ahead, U23 Vietnam is scheduled to maintain this dual-session training plan up to the eve of their opening match against U23 Kuwait on April 17th. This rigorous preparation schedule is designed to ensure that the team reaches its peak physical and technical readiness, enabling them to perform optimally in the upcoming championship.

As the countdown to their first game continues, the comprehensive training approach adopted by Coach Tuan and his staff is setting a solid foundation for U23 Vietnam. This preparation not only boosts the team’s confidence but also enhances their ability to compete effectively on one of Asia’s biggest football stages.

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