Vietnam U16 Women’s team has a favorable start in Turkey

In a commanding display of skill and teamwork, the U16 Vietnam Women’s team clinched a resounding 5-0 victory against U16 Bosnia in a friendly tournament organized by UEFA in Turkey. This impressive win highlights the growing prowess and potential of young Vietnamese football on the international stage.

The match, which took place within the framework of a series of friendly games aimed at providing international exposure and experience to young players, saw the Vietnamese team dominate from the start. The U16 Vietnam Women’s team showcased a blend of tactical acumen and physical fitness, overwhelming their European counterparts with a dynamic and focused approach to the game.

The victory is particularly significant as it boosts the morale and confidence of the U16 Vietnam Women’s team ahead of their next challenging match against the U16 USA Women’s team. Scheduled for 12:00 PM local time on April 13th, this upcoming game is eagerly anticipated, as the U16 USA team is known for its strong youth programs and competitive spirit.


This win not only exemplifies the effective training and strategic planning implemented by the Vietnamese coaching staff but also signals Vietnam’s rising status in women’s youth football globally. As the team prepares for their next encounter, they carry with them the momentum of this significant victory and the support of fans back home.

The ongoing tournament in Turkey serves as an invaluable platform for the U16 Vietnam Women’s team to test their skills against some of the best young talents worldwide, setting the stage for further achievements and recognition in international football.

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