AFC provides special support for U23 Vietnam

On April 14th, representatives from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) conducted a crucial meeting with the U23 Vietnam team to disseminate general regulations applicable to the participants of the AFC U23 Asian Cup 2024.

Key aspects of the competition rules were discussed, with particular emphasis on the implementation of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology, highlighting AFC’s commitment to ensuring fairness and accuracy in officiating.

During this informational session, AFC also announced that it would equip the coaching staff of U23 Vietnam with a tablet at the technical area. This device is intended to enhance the technical management of the team by providing access to multiple camera angles, enabling real-time or replay views of match incidents. However, AFC stressed that the use of the tablet should solely be for tactical analysis and medical purposes, such as reviewing collision incidents that could lead to injuries. Teams are strictly prohibited from using the tablet footage to challenge or dispute referee decisions.

Tablets provided by AFC in the technical area of each team participating in the 2024 AFC U23 Championship. However, teams are not allowed to use these devices to contest referee decisions.

Furthermore, to assist teams in their strategic planning, AFC has provided access to the PressBox Live platform. This resource offers continuously updated statistical data from the matches, proving invaluable for coaches in analyzing tactics before, during, and after games. This technological support is part of AFC’s broader initiative to integrate advanced tools and resources to elevate the competitive environment and enhance the overall quality of the tournament.

The provision of these technologies underscores AFC’s dedication to adopting modern innovations to support teams and refine game strategies, ensuring that all participating teams have the best possible preparation and insights at their disposal. For U23 Vietnam, this means they have additional tools to refine their approach, analyze their performance effectively, and potentially gain a competitive edge in the challenging matches ahead in the tournament.

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