Vietnamese racers win third place at the 2024 Taipei Open

In an impressive display at the AutoGymkhana Taipei Open 2024, Vietnamese racers Pham Hoang Duc and Nguyen Trung Quan clinched the bronze medal in the Men’s Doubles final.

This significant achievement marked a milestone for Vietnam as the duo excelled among top competitors from Europe and Asia.

Hoang Duc and Trung Quan demonstrated exceptional skill and coordination, overcoming a field of 28 elite drivers to secure a spot among the final four strongest teams, alongside representatives from South Korea, Indonesia, and Kyrgyzstan. Their podium finish not only highlights their prowess but also establishes Vietnam as a competitive force in international motorsport events.

Additionally, the event was notable for the participation of Pham Thanh Dung, the only female racer from the Vietnam Motorsports Association (VMA) team. Competing in such a prestigious global context for the first time, she finished 15th, an encouraging result for her debut at this level. Thanh Dung’s participation breaks new ground for female racers in Vietnam, setting a precedent for future representation in high-caliber international races.

This tournament has been a platform not only for showcasing the talent and determination of Vietnamese racers but also for promoting gender diversity in motorsports. The success of Hoang Duc and Trung Quan, coupled with Thanh Dung’s historic participation, underscores a significant leap forward for the VMA team on the international stage, promising a brighter future for motorsport in Vietnam.

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