Coach Hoang Anh Tuan considers using a B-team against U23 Uzbekistan

As U23 Vietnam prepares for a crucial match against U23 Uzbekistan at the U23 Asian Cup 2024, Coach Hoang Anh Tuan emphasizes the importance of strategic squad management due to competition regulations that carry over yellow cards to the quarter-finals.

With a secured spot in the quarter-finals, the focus in training sessions has been more on fine-tuning tactics and managing personnel to ensure the team is in its best form for the knockout stages. The team practiced with moderate intensity, prioritizing tactical drills and player selection during their training session on the evening of April 22nd.

Coach Hoang Anh Tuan expressed satisfaction with the team’s current standing but stressed the significance of the upcoming match not just for topping Group D but for preparing the team mentally and tactically for the quarter-finals. He stated, “We need to prepare seriously for the quarter-final. It’s a knockout match, which is always intense and significant.”

The transition from group stage yellow cards to the knockout rounds requires thoughtful player management to ensure that key players are available for the crucial matches ahead. Coach Tuan is considering adjustments to the lineup to preserve the team’s strength, saying, “There will definitely be changes in personnel. We’ve already settled on how we play. This match is pivotal; besides the results, we also need to prepare the best lineup and strategy for the quarter-finals.”

In their last match against U23 Malaysia, U23 Vietnam secured a 2-0 victory, which allowed them to advance early. Coach Tuan has been working to temper the players’ excitement to maintain focus and discipline.

He also praised the team’s spirit and discipline, emphasizing the need to maintain and build on their current performance levels, especially after their successful recent matches.

U23 Vietnam’s match against U23 Uzbekistan is scheduled for 10:30 PM Vietnam time today. They will wear their traditional red outfits. The outcome will determine their position in Group D and their next opponent in the quarter-finals, with a potential matchup against either U23 Saudi Arabia or U23 Iraq depending on whether they finish first or second in their group.

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