Cong Phuong is satisfied with his debut at Yokohama FC

Vietnamese striker Nguyen Cong Phuong made his mark in his first start for Yokohama FC during the dramatic 3-3 draw against Fagiano Okayama in the Japanese National Cup 2024, which Yokohama won 5-3 on penalties.

Cong Phuong, who joined Yokohama FC from Hoang Anh Gia Lai earlier this year, has been waiting patiently for his opportunity to shine. Finally, getting the nod from the coach to start, Phuong was keen to make an impact. Reflecting on his performance, he expressed a mixed reaction to his outing. “I did my best in my first start. There were both good and bad points, so I would like to take advantage of them and move forward,” said Phuong.

Discussing the specifics, Phuong highlighted his successful collaboration with teammates, particularly praising the interactions and passes from Touma Murata. “As for the positives, I think the way they were able to pass from Murata to the back and create relationships with other players was good,” he noted, indicating that his integration into the team’s dynamics is progressing well.

However, Phuong was also quick to point out areas for improvement. He admitted to losing possession of the ball too often, a part of his game he is eager to refine. “The bad part was that we lost the ball a little bit, so we want to fix that,” Phuong added, showing his commitment to personal and team improvement.

This match was crucial for Phuong, not just for his club career in Japan but also in demonstrating his ongoing development to the Vietnamese national team’s coach, as he continues to be a pivotal player for his country. With more performances like this, Phuong aims to solidify his place in Yokohama FC’s starting lineup and contribute more significantly in the future.

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