Brazilian football legends triumph over Vietnamese stars in a matchup

In a vibrant celebration of football and cultural exchange, the city of Da Nang hosted an unforgettable friendly match between a team of legendary Brazilian footballers and a team of Vietnamese stars. The event, part of the “Vietnam-Brazil Football Festival 2024,” marked the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Brazil and took place at the Hoa Xuan Stadium on the evening of April 27.

The stadium, with a capacity of 20,000, was buzzing with excitement, although only about half of the seats were filled. The reduced crowd did not diminish the enthusiasm, as fans and tourists eagerly surrounded players like Rivaldo, seeking autographs and photos.

The Brazilian team, coached by Dunga—who led Brazil’s national team in two World Cups and captained the 1994 World Cup-winning team—featured renowned players such as Kleberson, Giovanni, Edmilson, Paulo Sergio, Ze Carlos, and others. Dunga, although registered as a midfielder, also took to the field, contributing both as a player and a coach.

Vietnam’s team included well-known figures such as Huynh Duc, Hong Son, and Cong Vinh, under the guidance of coaches Pham Thanh Hung and Truong Van Loi. The match quickly turned into a showcase of Brazil’s dominant play style, characterized by long, accurate passes from Rivaldo that created numerous scoring opportunities.

The scoring opened in the 6th minute with a goal from Renan, who executed a skillful feint to beat Vietnamese goalkeeper Duong Hong Son. Renan went on to score a hat-trick and provided an assist, demonstrating the superior skill level of the Brazilian squad. Vietnam’s lone goal came in the 33rd minute from a fast-paced set-piece executed by Le Cong Vinh to Le Huynh Duc.

Despite the festive atmosphere, the match highlighted the vast gap in class, with Brazil leading the charge and finishing with a 7-1 victory. Post-match, Rivaldo expressed his hope that the Vietnamese national team would one day compete in the World Cup, reflecting the event’s broader goal of promoting football development in Vietnam.

Following the match, the Brazilian team is scheduled to travel to Hanoi for another friendly against the Hanoi Police Club on April 29. This series of events not only celebrates the rich football heritage of Brazil but also aims to inspire and develop local talent in Vietnam, further cementing the bond between the two nations through the universal language of football.

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