[Photos] U23 Vietnam returns to Hanoi after their journey at the 2024 U23 Asian Cup

The U23 Vietnam football team returned to Hanoi on the afternoon of April 28, following their determined performance at the 2024 AFC U23 Championship. The team was warmly welcomed by Nguyen Minh Chau, Deputy General Secretary of the Vietnam Football Federation, who expressed his appreciation and support for the team’s efforts throughout the tournament.

Reflecting on the team’s journey, Head Coach Hoang Anh Tuan commented on the quarterfinal exit, “I believe stopping at the quarterfinals matches our current capabilities. In some matches, there are regrets. Each game, whether against Kuwait, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, or Iraq, brought its unique challenges and emotions for the fans. In the early matches, our play was not perfect; we made many technical errors and received some unnecessary penalties. I also feel regret about some refereeing decisions that unexpectedly turned the game’s outcomes.”

Coach Tuan further emphasized the growth and progress shown by the players, “Before the quarterfinal against U23 Iraq, I mentioned that our team would show a different face, and indeed, that happened. The attitude, spirit, and tactics displayed were significantly improved. I saw the players play openly, beautifully, and with determination, fostering a high sense of team unity and cohesion.”

The team’s return marks not just the end of their campaign at the U23 Asian Cup but also a starting point for further development. With the lessons learned from the international stage, U23 Vietnam is expected to continue growing, enhancing their skills, and preparing for future challenges under the guidance of Coach Tuan and the Vietnam Football Federation.


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