VFF directly negotiates with coach Kim Sang Sik

The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) is reportedly close to securing South Korean coach Kim Sang Sik as the new head coach for the national football team, with a contract set to run until March 2026. Sources indicate that negotiations between VFF and Kim have reached an advanced stage, with the key terms nearly finalized.

Kim Sang Sik, the former coach of Jeonbuk Hyundai, is known for his tactical acumen and success in the K-League, where he led Jeonbuk to the championship in 2021. His potential appointment comes at a crucial time for Vietnamese football, which seeks fresh impetus and strategic insight to elevate its standing on the international stage.

The South Korean coach is expected to arrive in Vietnam this week to finalize the details of his engagement and possibly sign the contract. This move signifies VFF’s commitment to bringing in high-caliber coaching talent to enhance the tactical development of the national team.

Under the anticipated two-year contract, Kim would lead Vietnam through various international competitions, including the upcoming Southeast Asian Games and the Asian Football Confederation’s qualifying rounds. His extensive experience in managing top-tier teams in highly competitive environments is seen as a crucial asset that will help the Vietnamese team develop a more robust playing style.

Kim’s potential strategy for the team is expected to focus on strengthening the defense and enhancing the efficiency of the midfield play, areas that have been noted as critical for improving the team’s performance in international tournaments. His previous success with Jeonbuk Hyundai, known for their disciplined structure and tactical effectiveness, offers a glimpse into the possible future direction of the Vietnamese national team under his leadership.

This development is eagerly awaited by fans and commentators alike, who are optimistic about the positive impact Kim Sang Sik could have on the team. His approach to coaching, characterized by a focus on tactical discipline and team cohesion, is anticipated to bring a fresh perspective to Vietnam’s football tactics and strategy.

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