The South Korean Volleyball Championship announces 7 Asian foreign players, with no Vietnamese trio included

The National Volleyball Try-Out in South Korea has concluded with seven athletes selected for the 2024-25 season, but unfortunately, the three Vietnamese candidates did not make the final cut.

Over three days, the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) held a try-out, culminating in the selection of athletes for the upcoming season. Vietnamese candidate Tu Linh had been a hopeful, but neither she nor her teammates Bich Thuy and Ly Luyen made the final selection.

Under the selection rules, the teams ranked 5-7 from the previous season were placed into one group, drawing lots to determine the order of selection, while teams ranked 1-4 were assigned to a separate group for subsequent picks.

The list of selected athletes.

Initially, experts believed Tu Linh had a strong chance of being chosen in the first four selections, but with each announcement, the hopes of Vietnamese volleyball fans were gradually dashed.

Chinese athletes, with their ideal physiques and professionalism, were preferred by the Korean teams, securing three out of the first four picks. The remaining selections saw no surprises, as previously successful players like Wipawee and Megawati were retained.

The Vietnamese trio now has a brief window to enjoy South Korea’s famous Jeju Island before returning to Vietnam. They are expected to arrive in Hanoi on May 3, 2024.

While this try-out did not result in selection, the experience has proven valuable for the trio from Hoa Chat Duc Giang, offering insights into international competition. There remains ample opportunity for future participation, should these athletes continue to hone their skills and maintain their drive.

The KOVO try-out serves as a reminder of the competitive nature of international volleyball, while also highlighting the promise of Vietnamese athletes on the world stage. Fans remain hopeful for future seasons, confident that persistence and determination will yield success.

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