[OFFICIAL] VFF Appoints coach Kim Sang Sik as Head Coach of Vietnam’s National Football Team

In a significant move, the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has appointed Kim Sang Sik as the new head coach of the Vietnam National Football Team. The appointment marks a new chapter in Vietnamese football, as Coach Kim, a former manager of Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, brings a wealth of experience and success to the role.

Immediate Challenges
Coach Kim’s immediate challenge is to lead the Vietnamese team through their remaining fixtures in the second round of the AFC World Cup 2026 qualifiers. These matches include a home game against the Philippines and an away match against Iraq. The outcomes of these games are crucial for Vietnam’s prospects in the World Cup qualifiers, and Coach Kim’s tactical acumen and leadership will play a vital role in steering the team to success.

Coach Kim’s Track Record
Kim Sang Sik’s appointment is expected to bring a new dynamic to the Vietnamese national team. The former South Korean national player has an impressive track record as both a player and a coach. He led Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors to win the K-League title in 2021 and the Korean FA Cup in 2022, demonstrating his ability to manage a top-flight team effectively.

Kim’s tenure at Jeonbuk also earned him the “Coach of the Year” award from the K-League in 2021 and a similar accolade from the Korea Football Association in 2022. His strategic mindset, coupled with a disciplined approach to the game, is expected to elevate the Vietnamese team’s performance on the international stage.

Potential Impact on Vietnamese Football
Kim Sang Sik’s appointment comes at a time when Vietnamese football is striving to build on recent successes and achieve new milestones. The team’s participation in the 2024 AFC Asian Cup and its journey through the World Cup 2026 qualifiers are key components of this mission.

Coach Kim’s experience with developing teams and managing international fixtures could significantly impact Vietnam’s football trajectory. His strategic insights and understanding of high-level competition are expected to bring more structure and consistency to the team’s gameplay, fostering growth and elevating Vietnamese football to new heights.

Looking Forward
The VFF’s appointment of Kim Sang Sik signals a strong commitment to progress and success. As the team prepares for the upcoming fixtures against the Philippines and Iraq, all eyes are on Coach Kim’s strategy and leadership. The new head coach’s ability to rally the team, execute effective tactics, and secure crucial victories will be instrumental in determining Vietnam’s path forward in international football.

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