ASEAN club championship unveils prestigious Shopee cup trophy

The ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) has officially unveiled the trophy for the upcoming ASEAN Club Championship – Shopee Cup 2024. The announcement was made on May 5th, marking a significant milestone for this eagerly anticipated tournament which is set to elevate club football in the Southeast Asian region to new heights.

The trophy, a sleek and modern design, is crafted from high-grade silver and boasts a reflective surface that underscores the prestige and significance of the championship. Standing as a symbol of football excellence in ASEAN, the trophy’s design reflects the dynamism and spirit of the competition. It features the ASEAN Club Championship logo prominently at the front, integrating seamlessly with the elegant curves of the cup.

This year’s tournament will be particularly historic as it will be the first time that the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system is used in an AFF tournament. The introduction of VAR is expected to enhance the fairness and accuracy of refereeing decisions, aligning the ASEAN Club Championship with global football standards.

The use of VAR in the Shopee Cup aligns with regional trends in football technology, with countries like Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam already incorporating the system into their domestic leagues. Malaysia and Indonesia are also set to follow suit next season, ensuring that the technology will be a familiar aspect for many of the participating teams.

The ASEAN Club Championship – Shopee Cup 2024 promises to be a fiercely contested event, showcasing top club talents from around Southeast Asia. The inclusion of the VAR system, along with the unveiling of the new trophy, highlights AFF’s commitment to improving the quality and integrity of football in the region.

Fans across ASEAN are eagerly anticipating the tournament, where the region’s best clubs will vie not only for the newly unveiled trophy but also for regional supremacy. The championship is expected to bring thrilling matches and unforgettable moments of football action to audiences across Southeast Asia and beyond.

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