VFF denies reappointment of coach Mai Duc Chung

Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has officially refuted rumors regarding the reappointment of former coach Mai Duc Chung as the head coach of the Vietnam Women’s National Team. In a statement made on May 7, Duong Nghiep Khoi, the Secretary-General of VFF, clarified the federation’s stance in the face of widespread speculation.

“We have not engaged in any discussions with former coach Mai Duc Chung regarding this matter. VFF is actively searching for a suitable candidate for the head coach position of the women’s national team. We will make an official announcement once the selection process is complete,” Khoi stated, dispelling the rumors.

Mai Duc Chung, who has not been in talks with VFF, also commented on the situation, stating, “There have been no such discussions. It seems there are rumors, but I am not involved.”


Mai Duc Chung is celebrated for his significant contributions to Vietnamese women’s football, having led the team to numerous achievements including six SEA Games titles, the 2019 AFF Cup victory, a fourth-place finish at the 2014 ASIAD, and qualification for the 2023 Women’s World Cup. His contract with the women’s national team concluded on December 31, 2023, and VFF has not yet appointed his successor.

The primary reason for the delay in appointment is due to the limited number of international competitions in 2024, with only the ASEAN Women’s Championship scheduled for October. In the interim, the women’s national team is expected to undergo training in Europe in June.

Should a new head coach not be appointed in time, VFF is considering interim solutions. Likely candidates include Akira Ijiri, who is currently managing the U18 and U20 women’s teams, or a seasoned local coach who has previously assisted with the national team. This strategy ensures continuity and stability as they prepare for upcoming engagements and seek to maintain their competitive edge in international women’s football.

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