Vu Van Thanh receives a heavy penalty for insulting a referee

Night Wolf V.League 1 – 2023/24 has been a spectacle of both thrilling football and heated moments, which have led to disciplinary actions against certain individuals and clubs as detailed in the latest announcements from the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF).

In the aftermath of Round 17, a series of penalties were imposed to maintain the sportsmanship and integrity of the league. Prominent among the disciplined is Van Thanh, a player from Hanoi Police FC, who has been fined 10 million VND and suspended for three subsequent matches. This decision comes in light of his unsporting behavior and disrespectful conduct towards the match officials, which the VFF deemed seriously detrimental to the spirit of the game.

In addition to player-related sanctions, disciplinary measures have also touched the coaching realm. Coach Popov faced a penalty of 10 million VND for his failure to attend the post-match press conference, a mandatory requirement per league regulations. This action underscores the league’s commitment to ensuring that all contractual media obligations are fulfilled by participating teams and their representatives.

Club fines were also issued, with Steel Blue Nam Dinh, currently one of the top performers in the league, receiving a fine of 5 million VND for breaches of the Vietnamese professional football regulations. The specific nature of the violation was not detailed, but it highlights the ongoing scrutiny teams are under to uphold league standards.

Additionally, Hai Phong FC was fined 2 million VND as a consequence of having five players booked for yellow cards during a single match. This penalty serves as a reminder of the league’s focus on maintaining discipline and reducing unsporting behavior on the field.

These disciplinary actions reflect the VFF’s stringent oversight in ensuring fair play and respect among players, coaches, and clubs throughout the season. As the league progresses, these measures are intended to foster a competitive yet respectful atmosphere that upholds the integrity of Vietnamese football.

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