Huynh Nhu’s team creates a miracle in Portugal

In a dramatic finale to the Portuguese Women’s National League season, Lank Vilaverdense, featuring Vietnamese star Huynh Nhu, secured their survival in a do-or-die match against Atletico Ouriense. Played on the early morning of May 12th, this critical match ended in a 2-0 victory for Lank Vilaverdense, effectively relegating their opponents.

Entering the final round, Lank Vilaverdense faced a dire situation. They needed a win to avoid direct relegation, while Atletico Ouriense only required a draw to maintain their league status. The match saw Lank Vilaverdense deliver a focused and strategic performance, despite the high stakes. Although Huynh Nhu did not score in this crucial game, her performance was pivotal, contributing significantly to the team’s attacking plays that led to both goals scored by forward Gabi.

This victory not only allowed Lank Vilaverdense to leapfrog Ouriense in the standings by two points but also highlighted the remarkable late-season rally of the team. With only 6 points from 20 games and trailing Ouriense by four points, the odds were stacked against them. However, consecutive wins in the final two matches of the season transformed their fortunes, showcasing a stunning reversal.

Despite the euphoria of survival, Lank Vilaverdense’s journey is not over yet as they now prepare for the relegation play-offs. They will face competitors Amora, Vitória SC, and Famalicão in the coming days. Amora and Vitória SC come from the lower tiers, while Famalicão finished tenth in the league. These play-off matches will determine the final team to secure their place in next season’s National League.

Lank Vilaverdense’s heroic escape from direct relegation underscores the unpredictable nature of football and the impact of key players like Huynh Nhu, whose experience and skill were instrumental in steering her team through a challenging season to a potentially safer future in the top tier of Portuguese women’s football.

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