Coach Kiatisuk parts ways with Hanoi Police FC

In a surprising turn of events, Coach Kiatisuk Senamuang has announced his departure from Hanoi Police FC despite recently managing the team to a significant 3-1 victory over Khanh Hoa in round 18 of the V-League 2023/2024, heating up the championship race with Thep Xanh Nam Dinh.

Coach Kiatisuk, the celebrated Thai manager, took to his personal Facebook page to share his decision. He expressed his appreciation for the time spent at the helm of Hanoi Police FC: “This morning’s breakfast with the President of Hanoi Police FC felt like a warm farewell from a wonderful boss. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Hanoi Police FC and am deeply grateful for the opportunities and experiences, although it was for a brief period.”

He continued to elaborate on his reasons for leaving, citing personal family matters as the primary reason for his resignation: “I have learned much during my tenure here. However, due to family-related issues, I have decided to resign as the head coach of Hanoi Police FC and return to Thailand.”

Kiatisuk joined Hanoi Police FC in January 2024 with the goal of defending their championship title. After an impressive start, the team’s recent performances have been unstable, which might have influenced his decision to step down.

“I have completed all related documents and will prepare additional materials to support the team to the best of my abilities,” Kiatisuk stated, showing his commitment to ensuring a smooth transition. He also expressed a desire to maintain positive relationships with the club, players, colleagues, and especially the fans, wishing the club continued success in the future.

This unexpected announcement has certainly left the club and its supporters in a precarious position, as they navigate the remainder of the season without the leadership of their high-profile coach. The timing of Kiatisuk’s departure adds another layer of challenge as Hanoi Police FC continues to contend for the top position in the league.

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