FIFA makes a decision that benefits Vietnam youth football

In a significant meeting held in Thailand, FIFA has made several crucial decisions, including the allocation of slots for the U17 World Cup among continental federations. This move presents an exciting opportunity for Vietnamese football to frequently feature in the World Cup.

FIFA has confirmed that Asia will have nine slots for the U17 World Cup starting from the 2025 tournament. This is a promising development for Vietnamese youth football, providing a better chance to compete in the prestigious global event.

Last year, FIFA announced the expansion of the U17 World Cup from 24 teams to 48 teams. Additionally, the tournament will now be held annually instead of every two years. Qatar has been confirmed as the host for the tournaments from 2025 to 2029.

With this new structure, Vietnamese youth football has a more tangible path to competing on the world stage annually, contingent on strong performances in the U17 Asian Championship. The U17 World Cup is a tournament that Vietnam has yet to participate in, making this an exciting potential milestone.

Currently, the U17 Vietnam team is gearing up for this ambitious goal, preparing for the U17 Southeast Asia Championship under the guidance of coach Tran Minh Chien. The team will regroup in June 2024 to embark on this crucial preparatory phase.

In addition to the updates on the U17 World Cup, FIFA also made announcements regarding women’s football tournaments. The 2025 Women’s Futsal World Cup will be hosted in the Philippines, while Asia will have four slots in the U17 Women’s World Cup from 2025 to 2029.

These decisions by FIFA not only provide more opportunities for youth football in Vietnam but also reflect a broader commitment to developing the sport across various age groups and genders. As the U17 team begins its journey, Vietnamese football fans can look forward to potential historic participation in the U17 World Cup.

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