Revealing the identity of the new fitness coach for Vietnam national team

Head coach Kim Sang Sik has finalized his choice for the fitness coach of the Vietnam national team. The new appointee is Sang Wuk An, a name previously unfamiliar in the context of Vietnamese football.

Sang Wuk An comes with a background in sports science from South Korea and has also pursued specialized training in Wales, where he coached a university team. His professional experience includes coaching various youth teams in South Korea, notably the U18 Jeonbuk Hyundai, a club where Kim Sang Sik previously enjoyed success by clinching the K.League title.

This decision comes as a surprise, considering many had anticipated the role might go to more familiar names such as Park Sung Gyun, former assistant to Park Hang Seo, or Cedric Roger, who has successfully collaborated with numerous national teams. Sang Wuk An has already arrived in Vietnam and has begun his duties, which included attending the recent match between Nam Dinh and Binh Duong at Thien Truong Stadium alongside Kim Sang Sik.

Assistant coach Sang Wuk-an has worked with multiple football teams in South Korea.

Coach Kim Sang Sik values Sang Wuk An’s capability, adaptability, and continuous learning attitude, deeming him an ideal addition to the coaching staff. Working with the national team is expected to provide Sang Wuk An with invaluable experience.

Since the arrival of Park Hang Seo and his Korean fitness coaches, the physical resilience of Vietnamese players has notably improved. Initially, it was Bae Ji Won who contributed to the AFF Cup 2018 victory, followed by Park Sung Gyun, who achieved various successes with the team. Korean fitness experts are known for pushing players to their physical limits with rigorous training sessions. Vietnamese players have often remarked on the intensity of these sessions, sometimes finding it difficult to even eat afterward. There is optimism that Sang Wuk An will continue this legacy and help further enhance the physical capabilities of the Vietnamese players.

Additionally, the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) will announce a new language assistant for Kim Sang Sik on May 16. Contrary to recent speculation, this will not be Le Huy Khoa. The new assistant’s identity will be revealed soon, adding another piece to the evolving coaching framework under Kim Sang Sik’s leadership.

These appointments reflect the strategic steps taken by VFF and Kim Sang Sik to strengthen the Vietnam national team as they prepare for upcoming challenges on the international stage.

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