Hanoi FC celebrates 18th anniversary with ice cream giveaway for fans

Hanoi FC, one of Vietnam’s premier football clubs, is marking its 18th anniversary with a special treat for its loyal supporters. The club, founded on June 18, 2006, is celebrating this milestone by offering free ice cream to fans attending their upcoming weekend match at Hang Day Stadium.

The anniversary celebration is more than just a football match; it’s a way for Hanoi FC to show appreciation to the fans who have supported the team through thick and thin. Fans who attend the game are invited to visit Gates A2 and B9 at Hang Day Stadium one hour before the match begins. By presenting their match ticket or season pass, they can receive a special ice cream as a token of gratitude from the club.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Hanoi FC has also introduced an exciting social media campaign to further engage with their fans. Supporters are encouraged to take a picture with their ice cream and post it on their personal social media accounts. By using the hashtag #HanoiFCicecream and setting their posts to public, fans will be eligible to win tickets for the final match of the season against Becamex Binh Duong FC on June 30.

This initiative is part of Hanoi FC’s broader efforts to enhance fan engagement and create memorable experiences for their supporters. The club recognizes the vital role that fans play in their success and is committed to building a strong community around the team. By offering these small but meaningful gestures, Hanoi FC hopes to strengthen the bond between the club and its fans.

The upcoming match is not only a chance to enjoy football but also an opportunity to celebrate the club’s history and achievements. Over the past 18 years, Hanoi FC has grown to become one of the most successful teams in Vietnam, with numerous titles and a strong presence in the domestic league. The anniversary celebration is a reflection of this success and the club’s dedication to its supporters.

Fans interested in attending the match and participating in the ice cream giveaway can purchase tickets through the official Hanoi FC ticketing website or the VNPAY Wallet App. The club encourages all supporters to join the celebration and be part of this special occasion.

In conclusion, Hanoi FC’s 18th-anniversary celebration is a testament to the club’s commitment to its fans. By offering free ice cream and engaging fans through social media, Hanoi FC is not only celebrating its history but also looking forward to a future filled with more victories and memorable moments with its supporters. Don’t miss out on this unique celebration and the chance to win tickets to the season’s final match. Join Hanoi FC in celebrating 18 years of football excellence and fan loyalty.

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