U16 team secured the biggest victory of 2024 for Vietnam football

On the afternoon of June 22, U16 Vietnam kicked off their campaign in the ASEAN U16 Championship 2024 with a commanding victory against U16 Brunei. Coach Tran Minh Chien’s team launched an aggressive attack from the first whistle against a much weaker opponent.

Despite creating numerous opportunities, the U16 Vietnamese players struggled to convert their chances early on due to poor finishing. It wasn’t until the 17th minute that Vietnam broke the deadlock with a well-placed finish from Viet Long in a one-on-one situation.

Following this breakthrough, U16 Vietnam played with increased confidence, adding five more goals before halftime. Viet Long netted two more, while Hong Phong, Gia Bao, and Thai Hieu each contributed to the tally, bringing the score to 6-0 by the end of the first half.

In the second half, U16 Vietnam focused on refining their plays and creating more structured attacks. Coach Tran Minh Chien also took the opportunity to give playing time to several substitutes. The team continued their relentless assault, scoring an additional nine goals in the second half. Notably, substitute Thanh Binh scored a hat-trick, further extending Vietnam’s lead.

The match ended with a staggering 15-0 victory for U16 Vietnam, marking the most lopsided win for a Vietnamese football team in international competitions so far in 2024. For U16 Vietnam, this victory also stands as the largest margin of victory in the history of their participation in the ASEAN U16 Championships.

This overwhelming victory sets a strong tone for U16 Vietnam as they prepare for their next match against U16 Cambodia on June 25. The team’s dominant performance not only boosts their confidence but also sends a clear message to their competitors about their intent and capabilities in the tournament.

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