SHB Da Nang to receive specially designed championship trophy

The 2023-2024 Bia Sao Vang First Division champions, Da Nang FC, will be the first team to be awarded a newly designed trophy specifically crafted for Vietnam’s professional football leagues. This trophy is part of a set of three, which includes the V-League, First Division, and National Cup trophies. The presentation of this prestigious trophy to Da Nang FC will take place at Hoa Xuan Stadium on the afternoon of June 23, following their match against PVF.

Standing 66 cm tall with a base diameter of 22 cm, the trophy marks a significant achievement for coach Truong Viet Hoang and his team. The creation of this set of trophies took a total of 1.5 years, with the design process alone spanning an entire year from the initial concept to the final draft. The crafting of the trophies was entirely done by hand over six months.

The entire process was managed by artisans from Thomas Lyte, a renowned goldsmith and silversmith company based in London, England. Thomas Lyte holds a Royal Warrant for designing, crafting, and restoring gold and silver items for the British Royal Family. The company is also responsible for creating numerous prestigious trophies, including the FA Cup, Davis Cup, Ryder Cup, Melrose Cup, FIBA Basketball World Cup, and AFC Asian Cup.

Commenting on the unveiling of the new trophy collection designed and produced specifically for Vietnam’s professional football leagues, a representative from the Vietnam Professional Football Joint Stock Company (VPF), the league’s organizing body, said, “In recent years, VPF has made continuous efforts to evolve in organizing national professional football leagues. From the opening films of the tournaments to the exclusive V-League anthem, achieving commercial value records, and now, VPF aspires to create distinct value for the league with a unique trophy. We understand that these trophies need to embody the spirit, creativity, and ambition to elevate the leagues while maintaining strong Eastern cultural identity.

To achieve this, VPF collaborated with Thomas Lyte, a century-old trophy manufacturer endorsed by the British Royal Family. After numerous meetings, the trophies were finally revealed, bringing satisfaction to VPF. We believe these prestigious trophies will leave a significant mark on national professional football leagues and shine brightly on football pitches across Vietnam, as per our motto ‘shine together’.”

The VPF representative also mentioned that the idea of producing these special edition trophies had been considered for a long time, and finding the right partner to trust took a considerable amount of time. Initial discussions began in 2022, and VPF quickly found common ground with the esteemed Thomas Lyte.

It is known that as the 2023-2024 season comes to an end, all three new trophies will be awarded to the top clubs in each competition, marking a new and exciting chapter for Vietnam’s professional football leagues.

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