Huynh Nhu set to join ambitious new team

Huynh Nhu, the star forward of the Vietnamese women’s national team, has made headlines upon her return to Vietnam. After two successful years with Lank FC in Portugal, Huynh Nhu has been resting in her hometown, Tra Vinh, to recuperate after a grueling nine months away from home.

Recently, she visited Tao Dan Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City to reconnect with old friends and mentors at the Ho Chi Minh City women’s football club, where she began her illustrious career. Her return has sparked considerable interest as she is now a free agent, following the conclusion of her contract with Lank FC.

Photos shared on social media, particularly on Huynh Nhu’s and midfielder Thuy Trang’s fan pages, show the two friends together at Tao Dan Stadium, stirring speculation about her next career move.

Currently, two main contenders are vying for her signature: her former club, Ho Chi Minh City, and the ambitious new powerhouse, Thai Nguyen T&T. Thai Nguyen T&T’s sponsor is reportedly committed to significant investments, aiming to elevate the team to the top of Vietnamese women’s football.

Huynh Nhu participates in a program as an ambassador for Tra Vinh University.

Previously, Thai Nguyen T&T signed six players from Ho Chi Minh City, including top talents like Kim Thanh (Golden Ball 2023) and Bich Thuy (Bronze Ball 2023), along with Tran Thi Thu, My Anh, Hoai Luong, and Kim Anh. This talent drain has increased Ho Chi Minh City’s desire to welcome Huynh Nhu back, recognizing her as a key player and positive influence for young athletes.

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Culture and Sports has expressed willingness to offer competitive terms to lure Huynh Nhu back. However, the competition is fierce, with Thai Nguyen T&T’s strong financial backing.

Despite numerous reports suggesting Huynh Nhu’s imminent return to Ho Chi Minh City, a club representative has denied that any agreement has been reached. “We are keen to welcome Huynh Nhu back, but we have not finalized any agreement with her,” the representative stated.

There are two possible scenarios for Huynh Nhu’s future. She might move north to join Thai Nguyen T&T, where she would reunite with six former teammates and benefit from the club’s financial resources. This move could potentially set a new salary benchmark for Vietnamese women’s football, surpassing the previous high salaries of Kim Thanh and Bich Thuy.

Alternatively, Huynh Nhu could explore opportunities with another international club. Regardless of her decision, it is clear that her next move will be a significant one, both for her career and for Vietnamese women’s football.

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