Coach Park Hang Seo applies for Indian national team job

According to the Times of India, Park Hang Seo is among 214 applicants who have submitted their resumes to the All India Football Federation (AIFF).

“Coach Park Hang Seo is a hero in Vietnamese football. He has successfully managed both the national team and the U23 team, bringing home regional titles. His achievements against stronger teams are commendable. He has developed an attractive counter-attacking style of football,” a senior AIFF official was quoted as saying by the Times of India.

Park Hang Seo’s application is noteworthy given his significant accomplishments with the Vietnamese national teams. Under his guidance, Vietnam’s football teams have enjoyed a period of unprecedented success. This includes leading the national team to their first-ever AFF Suzuki Cup title in a decade in 2018, and guiding the U23 team to a historic runner-up finish at the 2018 AFC U23 Championship. Additionally, he helped Vietnam reach the quarter-finals of the 2019 AFC Asian Cup and win the gold medal at the 2019 SEA Games.

His tactical acumen, particularly in organizing strong defensive setups and executing effective counter-attacks, has earned him a reputation as a skilled strategist. This approach has often enabled his teams to outperform expectations against stronger opponents.

The AIFF is currently in the process of reviewing all applications, and Park Hang Seo’s experience and track record could make him a strong candidate for the position. His potential appointment would mark a significant step for Indian football, aiming to build on recent improvements and achieve greater success in regional and international competitions.

As the selection process progresses, it will be interesting to see how the AIFF evaluates the various candidates and whether Park Hang Seo’s proven track record will lead to his appointment as the new head coach of the Indian national football team.

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