PVF CAND secures a spot in the promotion playoff for V.League 1- 2024/2025

With a superior squad quality, PVF CAND played dominantly against Dong Nai. After 90 minutes of competition, Coach Mauro Alexandre Tavares Jeronimo’s team secured a resounding 4-0 victory over their opponents.

The decisive 4-0 win by PVF CAND rendered Binh Phuoc’s 1-0 victory over Da Nang insignificant. At the end of the season, PVF CAND finished second with 37 points, two points ahead of Binh Phuoc. This result ensures that PVF  CAND will compete in the play-off match for a spot in the V-League 2024/2025 against the team that finishes 13th in the V-League 2023/2024. The opponent of PVF CAND will be determined tomorrow afternoon, June 30.

Dominant Performance

From the start, PVF CAND showcased their superiority on the pitch. The team’s strategic play and cohesive teamwork were evident as they took control of the game early on. Despite efforts from Dong Nai to resist, PVF CAND’s relentless attacks paid off with a series of goals that highlighted their offensive prowess and defensive solidity.

Key Highlights of the Match

  1. Early Dominance: PVF CAND set the tone for the match with aggressive play, keeping Dong Nai on the defensive.
  2. Strategic Play: Coach Mauro Alexandre Tavares Jeronimo’s tactics were spot on, with the team executing well-coordinated plays that overwhelmed Dong Nai.
  3. Goals Galore: The 4-0 scoreline reflected PVF CAND’s ability to convert opportunities into goals, showcasing their striking efficiency.

Impact on the League Standings

PVF CAND’s victory was crucial in the context of the league standings. By securing the second position with 37 points, they ensured their place in the play-off match. Binh Phuoc, despite their win, fell short with 35 points, highlighting the importance of consistency throughout the season.

Upcoming Challenges

The play-off match for a spot in the V-League 2024/2025 will be a significant test for PVF CAND. Their opponent, the 13th placed team from the V-League 2023/2024, will be determined soon. This match will be crucial for PVF CAND as they aim to ascend to the top tier of Vietnamese football.

Coach’s Perspective

Coach Mauro Alexandre Tavares Jeronimo expressed satisfaction with his team’s performance. “Our players executed the game plan perfectly. The result is a testament to their hard work and dedication. We are now focused on preparing for the play-off match and are determined to secure our place in the V-League,” he said.


PVF CAND’s dominant 4-0 victory over Dong Nai not only secured their second-place finish but also set the stage for an exciting play-off match. As the team gears up for this crucial encounter, fans and supporters will be eagerly awaiting the outcome, hoping to see PVF – CAND achieve their goal of entering the V-League 2024/2025.

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