South Asian champions accept the challenge to test their skills against coach Kim Sang Sik’s team

The Senior Men’s National Football Team of India is set to participate in a Tri-Nation Friendly Tournament in Vietnam during the October 2024 FIFA international window. The tournament, which will include matches against the host nation Vietnam and Lebanon, promises to be a significant test for the Indian squad.

Tournament Details

The announcement, made by the All India Football Federation (AIFF), has generated excitement among Indian football fans and analysts. The tournament is seen as a crucial part of India’s preparation for upcoming international competitions, providing a platform to gauge the team’s progress under the current coaching setup.

Challenging Opponents

Vietnam has emerged as a strong force in Southeast Asian football, with a series of impressive performances in regional tournaments and a growing presence on the international stage. Lebanon, known for its physical style of play and tactical discipline, has also been making steady progress in Asian football. These matches will be a vital opportunity for the Indian team to test their strategies and gain valuable experience against tough opponents.

Preparation and Strategy

The Indian team, guided by their coaching staff, has been gearing up for this critical tournament. The October FIFA window is strategically significant, falling just before the final rounds of qualification matches for major tournaments. Hence, the team’s performance in Vietnam will not only impact their immediate standing but also influence their preparations for future competitions.

Rigorous training sessions focusing on refining tactics, building team chemistry, and enhancing physical fitness have been underway. The coaching staff is aiming to improve both individual skills and overall team cohesion, ensuring the squad is well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

Fan Expectations

Indian football fans are eagerly anticipating the tournament, hoping to see their team perform well against strong international sides. The tournament will also serve as an opportunity for Indian players to showcase their talent on a larger stage, potentially attracting attention from scouts and clubs worldwide.


The Tri-Nation Friendly Tournament in Vietnam represents a crucial step for the Indian National Team in their quest for greater success on the international stage. With matches against Vietnam and Lebanon, the team is set to gain invaluable experience and exposure. Fans are optimistic and ready to support their team as they take on this significant challenge in October 2024.

The tournament promises to be a thrilling spectacle, offering insights into the team’s readiness for upcoming international competitions and the potential to boost their confidence and performance.


October 9: Vietnam vs India
October 12: India vs Lebanon
October 15: Vietnam vs Lebanon

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