Malaysian referee has been selected for the playoff match between Ha Tinh and PVF CAND

The play-off match, often referred to as a “do-or-die” encounter, is of paramount importance, determining the crucial spot in Vietnam’s top-tier professional league, V.League 1. Therefore, alongside the tactical preparations of both Hong Linh Ha Tinh and PVF CAND, the organizing committee has invited foreign referees and implemented VAR technology to ensure the utmost fairness in the game.

Hong Linh Ha Tinh competes in Night Wolf V.League 1 – 2023/24, while PVF CAND plays in Gold Star V.League 2 – 2023/24. However, it’s not straightforward to claim that the V.League 1 team has a clear advantage over the V.League 2 representative. According to the regulations, coach Thanh Cong will not be able to field any foreign players and must rely solely on domestic talent in the match at Hang Day Stadium on July 6.

PVF CAND is not an inexperienced team and has faced top-tier teams in national cup competitions. For instance, in the 2023 season, they won bronze by defeating LPBank Hoang Anh Gia Lai and performed well against Thanh Hoa. In the 2023/2024 season, they had a commendable performance against CLB The Cong Viettel, only losing after a penalty shootout. These displays indicate that PVF CAND is capable of producing an exciting and unpredictable match against Hong Linh Ha Tinh.

FIFA referee Mohamad Kamil Zakaria Bin Ismail from Malaysia will be invited to officiate the playoff match between Ha Tinh and PVF CAND.

Hong Linh Ha Tinh, with years of experience in V.League 1, has an average team age of 28.5, which could be crucial in managing the game according to their tactical plans. In contrast, coach Jeronimo’s PVF CAND squad is young, with an average age of 23, featuring many talented players who have represented national teams at various levels. In Gold Star V.League 2 – 2023/24, PVF CAND struggled with numerous draws (10 matches), and their attack lacked the explosiveness needed to challenge for the title against SHB Da Nang.

VAR technology will be used in the decisive match between Ha Tinh and PVF CAND.

In such high-stakes matches, capitalizing on even the smallest errors of the opponent could be the key to victory. Will the experienced Hong Linh Ha Tinh prevail, or will the youthful and promising PVF CAND triumph? This match promises to be tense and thrilling, with Malaysian FIFA referee Mohamad Kamil Zakaria Bin Ismail officiating, supported by VAR technology.

Given the critical nature of the match, the organizing committee has discussed and prepared a security plan in collaboration with relevant parties. The Hang Day Stadium will issue invitation tickets for the A section, but entry will be free for other sections. Separate areas will be designated for supporters of both teams to ensure safety and security.

This play-off clash is set to be a memorable encounter, embodying the drama and intensity of football, with a coveted spot in V.League 1 hanging in the balance.

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