AFF has decided to implement VAR at the 2024 ASEAN Cup

The Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) has announced that the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology will be gradually introduced in its upcoming tournaments following the successful implementation at the recently concluded U16 Southeast Asian Championship in Solo, Indonesia.

Starting from the U19 Southeast Asian Championship, which will take place from July 17 to July 29, 2024, VAR will be utilized. This will be followed by the ASEAN Club Championship Cup 2024/25, spanning from August 21, 2024, to May 21, 2025, and the prestigious ASEAN Cup from November 23 to December 21, 2024.

“AFF believes that VAR is transforming football and becoming one of the crucial pillars to elevate the quality of our competitions to a new level,” AFF President Khiev Sameth stated. “The application of this technology at the U16 Southeast Asian Championship aligns with our persistent efforts and plans to enhance our tournaments, ensuring that referees receive the best support to make accurate, consistent, and well-founded decisions.”

President Khiev Sameth also expressed gratitude towards FIFA, AFC, the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI), the VAR Project Team, and the referees for their efforts and support in implementing VAR at the U16 Southeast Asian Championship 2024.

The successful deployment of VAR at the U16 Championship marks a significant step in the AFF’s commitment to improving the integrity and standard of football in the region. By providing referees with advanced technological assistance, the AFF aims to minimize errors and ensure fair play, thus enhancing the overall experience for teams, players, and fans alike.

The upcoming U19 Southeast Asian Championship will be the first tournament to benefit from this initiative, setting a precedent for future events. The integration of VAR into the ASEAN Club Championship Cup and the ASEAN Cup underscores the AFF’s dedication to modernizing its tournaments and aligning with global football standards.

As the AFF continues to implement VAR, it is expected to bring more transparency and accuracy to the decision-making process, ultimately fostering a more competitive and professional environment in Southeast Asian football. Fans and participants can look forward to a higher quality of officiating and an overall improved tournament experience.

This initiative reflects the AFF’s proactive approach in embracing technological advancements to enhance the sport, ensuring that Southeast Asian football remains dynamic and progressive on the international stage.

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