Thanh Nha and Hanoi I secure an unbelievable victory, while Than KSVN earns three crucial points

In the 9th round of the 2024 National Women’s Championship Thai Son Bac Cup held on the afternoon of July 8, Than Khoang San Vietnam (Than KSVN) and Hanoi I both secured important victories.

Despite not having an overwhelmingly strong squad, Than KSVN has proven to be a tough opponent for any team in this year’s championship. Key players like Nguyen Thi Van and Duong Thi Van have played crucial roles under coach Doan Minh Hai, helping Than KSVN maintain high performance after the first leg of the season. Currently, Than KSVN stands above Phong Phu Ha Nam (their opponent in round 9) and closely trails the top five teams. A victory over Phong Phu Ha Nam was the goal for Than KSVN in the match on July 8.

Determined to secure three points, Than KSVN fielded their strongest lineup. Their fast-paced play posed significant challenges for Phong Phu Ha Nam, who struggled to create attacks, particularly as Tuyet Dung was tightly marked.

Than KSVN dominated the match from the start, and their efforts paid off in the 18th minute. Utilizing their speed, they pressed high up the pitch, allowing Truc Huong to steal the ball and score after two attempts. This goal boosted Than KSVN’s confidence, and they continued to play well. By the 35th minute, Dinh Thi Thuy Dung doubled the lead for coach Doan Minh Hai’s team.

The second half saw no significant change in dynamics, with Than KSVN continuing their high-press strategy. Phong Phu Ha Nam, on the other hand, tried various offensive tactics to find an equalizer. However, their defensive line exposed more gaps. In the 57th minute, after a series of smooth passes, Duong Thi Van crossed accurately for Nguyen Thi Van to head in the third goal.

Tuyet Dung remained tightly marked and had no notable opportunities throughout the match. It wasn’t until a moment of brilliance from Luu Hoang Van in the 71st minute that Phong Phu Ha Nam managed to pull one back, making it 1-3. This was the extent of their success in the match.

Than KSVN won 3-1, securing 18 points and solidifying their fourth-place position. Phong Phu Ha Nam, with 12 points, stands in fifth place.

The final match of round 9 saw Hanoi I face Hanoi II. Hanoi I showcased their strength with an overwhelming 9-4 victory. Within the first five minutes, Dang Thanh Thao and Le Ha Trang scored for Hanoi I. Thanh Nha, who was outstanding from the start, added a brace in the 17th and 21st minutes.

In the second half, striker Pham Hai Yen shone brightly with four goals, marking the second “poker” of round 9. Yesterday (July 7), Bich Thuy of Thai Nguyen T&T also scored four goals against Son La. Amidst Hai Yen’s stellar performance, Bui Thi Thuong added another goal in the 65th minute. Despite their efforts, Hanoi II’s young strikers managed only four goals against Hanoi I.

With a dominant 9-4 win, Hanoi I now has 20 points, equal to Thai Nguyen T&T. However, Thanh Nha and her teammates remain in second place due to inferior goal difference.

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