V.League transfer news (July 9)

Patrik Le Giang joined Hanoi Police FC

Goalkeeper Patrik Le Giang joined Hanoi Police FC in mid-June 2023 on a two-year contract. For the 2024 season, the 1992-born goalkeeper moved to Ho Chi Minh City FC on a loan deal.

Wearing Ho Chi Minh City’s jersey, Patrik Le Giang performed excellently, helping the Thong Nhat Stadium team finish 4th in the V-League 2023/2024, a surprising achievement for many.

After the 2023/2024 season ended, Patrik Le Giang returned to Hanoi and had a meeting with the leadership of Hanoi Police FC. Patrik Le Giang expressed his desire to continue playing for Hanoi Police FC and also hopes to naturalize in the future to contribute to Vietnamese football.

Coach Park Hang Seo’s favorite player joins Binh Duong FC.

After two years playing for Hanoi Police FC, Ho Tan Tai’s contract with the police team has expired. The defender immediately received several offers from two strong teams in the North, but Coach Hoang Anh Tuan’s signing with Binh Duong FC influenced his decision.

After negotiations, Tan Tai agreed to join Binh Duong FC on a three-season contract. Thus, the speculations about his future have ended as he reunites with his former club, Binh Duong FC. Previously, when his training club Binh Dinh was still competing in lower divisions, Tan Tai was loaned to Binh Duong FC for two seasons.

Coach Popov stays with Dong A Thanh Hoa.

Coach Popov’s current contract with Thanh Hoa will expire at the end of this season. Recently, there have been many rumors about him leaving Thanh Hoa to find a new destination.

However, after Thanh Hoa defeated Hanoi FC to win the 2023/2024 National Cup, Cao Tien Doan, Chairman of Thanh Hoa FC, confirmed to FPT that Coach Popov has extended his contract with Thanh Hoa for another two years.

Hai Phong FC parts ways with a high-quality foreign player.

According to Coach Chu Dinh Nghiem, Hai Phong FC will sign a contract with Bui Tien Dung from Hanoi Police FC. Bui Tien Dung is no stranger to Hai Phong’s fans, having had an excellent season playing at Lach Tray.

In addition to recruiting new players, Hai Phong FC has also managed to retain key players. Notably, Lucao and Bicou Bissainthe will continue to play for the team next season.

Stay tuned for more updates and developments in the V.League transfer market 2024.

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