Hanoi FC finalizes the timing to announce their new head coach

Hanoi FC is set to announce their new head coach before July 20, following the departure of Daiki Iwamasa. The Japanese coach decided to leave the club after the 2023/2024 National Cup final to return to his homeland and work in the J-League.

Despite efforts by Hanoi FC to extend his contract, Iwamasa chose to pursue opportunities in Japan. His departure is a significant blow to the club and its fans, as he had led the team to a strong finish in the V-League, securing third place, and guided them to the National Cup final.

Under Iwamasa’s leadership, Hanoi FC displayed impressive performances, particularly in the latter part of the season, showcasing resilience and tactical discipline. His strategies revitalized the team, making them a formidable contender in domestic competitions.

Given the limited time before the new season, Hanoi FC is expediting the process of finding a new head coach. The club’s announcement indicates that the new coach will be revealed by July 20, allowing the team to regroup and prepare for the upcoming season. The squad is scheduled to reconvene on July 22 to begin their training and planning for the next campaign.

This swift move is crucial for Hanoi FC to maintain their competitive edge and build on the momentum gained under Iwamasa’s tenure. The new head coach will face the immediate challenge of continuing the team’s upward trajectory and aiming for top honors in the V-League and other competitions.

The anticipation around the announcement is high, with fans eagerly waiting to see who will take the helm and lead Hanoi FC into the new season. The club’s management is committed to finding a coach who aligns with their vision and can sustain the high standards set by their predecessors.

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